Do I travel outside Melbourne?
You bet! This past year I’ve been from Byron Bay all the way down to Tasmania. I love getting out of Melbourne from time to time! Get in touch to see what costs are involved, pending the location of your wedding.

Will there always be two of you shooting our day?
Yep – I love working with my husband Greggles, and also being able to capture weddings from two perspectives throughout the day. That way we can make sure we haven’t missed anything!

Locking in a booking?
A non-refundable $500 fee will lock in your big day, along with a booking form. Then the remainder of the cost needs to be paid up to a week in advance of your wedding.

Do I support same sex marriage?
Yes, and I very much look forward to the inevitable day that it is legally recognised in Australia.

What is the best time of day for photos?
I would recommend avoiding the middle of the day for photos (when the bright sun can be very contrasty & unforgiving!). Late afternoon for outdoor services works well, and “magic hour” (the final hour of sunlight) is the ideal time for portrait photos. But we’re happy to work around whatever schedule you’ve got planned.

Do I provide access to all the original RAW files?
The short answer is, unfortunately, no. A lot of time goes into carefully selecting and editing the chosen photos to provide you with the final suite. Sharing the original files is kind of like showing a half-written manuscript – it’s not a product I would be proud for you to see. This is standard practice for photographers. You just have to trust we’ve chosen the best selection to tell the story of your day, and have lovingly given them the royal treatment in post-processing.

Can we get you for additional hours on the day?
Generally, yes! It would obviously be good to try and plan this in advance, but if we’re able to accommodate it on the day we’re more than happy to stick around a bit longer. I charge an additional $250 per hour (which includes both Greg and I shooting), and we can be with you for up to 10 hours in total.

Do you need to feed me?
Yes please! It’s a long day to go without food – the best time for us to eat is when your guests are eating. That way we won’t miss any of the action (speeches, dancing, cutting the cake), and no one likes having their photo taken mid-mouthful anyway!

I’m always happy to meet you for a coffee before you make any decisions. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or to discuss a potential booking.